Soldier's Heart REtreat

Rolling hills conference center

November 14 - 17, 2021

The Soldier's Heart is a faith-based retreat for Veteran's suffering from traumas of war, PTSD, and life. This no-cost retreat with a $25 registration fee that will provide individual and group healing and freedom to veterans and their spouse. We believe that you do not have to suffer from these traumas for the rest of your life!

Guest Speakers:

Rock Hobbs:

LtCol. USAF Fighter Pilot Retired, MA Aerospace Science,Pastor

Michael "Big Mike" Asdel: 

MSgt USAF Retired, MA Pastoral Counseling, Currently VA Medical Center Disaster Preparedness Coordinator

Justin Moody:

PhD, LAT, ACT; Asst Professor of Kinesiology at Samford University, Neuroscience - Traumatic Brain Injury