Hebraic Institute of Leadership

Messianic Jewish Teacher:  Jeff Friedlander

Founder and President of Be One Ministries

Intro to a Biblical Worldview and Hebraic Thinking   

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This course shows the integration of the Hebrew Scriptures (Tenakh/Old Testament) and the New Testament as one book that tells one story.  Students will learn how to understand and apply “all Scripture” to daily living as did the first century believers (2 Tim. 3:16-17).  “All Scripture” at the time Rabbi Shaul (Paul) wrote Timothy, would have been the Hebrew Scriptures or what is known today as the Old Testament.  In this course the  student develops a more Hebraic biblical worldview and lifestyle.


We will also explore the historical role the Hebrew people played in forming the Bible as well as their ongoing role in fulfilling God’s redemptive plan for the nations. 


It concludes by examining God’s plan to integrate both Jew and Gentile into one new man through faith in Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah.



  • Introduction to the Bible as One Book, One Story
  • Formation of the Bible
  • Languages of the Bible:  Hebraic Thinking and/or Greek Thinking
  • The People of the Book: A Covenant Nation
  • The Covenants: An overview
  • The Sabbath (Shabbat): The code to the Kindgom
  • The Law (Torah): Law & Grace
  • The Sacrifices (Korbanot): Draw Near
  • The Tabernacle and the Priests: The Pattern of G-d.
  • The Feasts (Moedim): Still for today?
  • Judaism: Then and Now: Overview of branches of Judaism
  • The One New Man: Life from the dead

Course Cost:  150.00 (includes tuition + course workbook)