curriculum - Spring courses

We will be offering four courses for Spring:  

  • Part I: Keys to Inner Healing  
  • Part II: Liberty
  • Part III: Spiritual Warfare
  • Part IV: Breaking Strongholds

Cost for each 12-week course is $225.00 (includes tuition & supplies). Register two weeks prior to class start date for reduced rate of $200.00. After reviewing Course information Register below by Clicking on the City:

Inner Healing - Part I    

Part 1 will combine the essential biblical concepts of inner healing with how our mind and subconscious mind operate and affect our emotional and spiritual development. Body, Soul, and Spirit… how do they work together and how does God meet the needs of each one through inner healing, prayer, and counsel? 


  • The Agape Road
  • Finding the Room of Grace
  • River of Life
  • Accomplishing Forgiveness
  • Honoring Parents
  • Trusting God
  • Hardened Hearts
  • Performance Mentality
  • Abandonment & Rejection
  • Denial
  • Judgments & False Expectations
  • Soul Ties

Liberty - Part II

Part 2 introduces material from the book, Restoring the Foundations (RTF). In this class you will learn the integrated approach to four basic areas of ministry. Sins of the Fathers and Resulting Curses (SOFCs), Ungodly Beliefs (UGBs), Soul/Spirit Hurts (SSHs), and Demonic Oppression (DO). Combined with live demonstrations you will learn how to minister to these four areas of a person’s life and help them to find freedom and healing from the past and present woundings. 


  • Sins of the Fathers & Resulting Curses - Part 1

  • Sins of the Fathers & Resulting Curses - Part 2

  • Godly vs Ungodly Beliefs

  • Soul Spirit Hurts  (SSH)

  • Demonic Oppression  (DO)

  • Demonic Progression

  • The Orphan Lifestyle
  • The Father's Heart
  • The Importance of Mother’s Love
  • Presenting Jesus:  The Four Doors   
  • Shame-Fear-Control Stronghold
  • Control-Rebellion-Rejection Stronghold  

Spiritual Warfare - Part III

Spiritual Warfare presents a unique teaching about the spiritual battleground, deliverance, and the tools God has given us against the enemy. It has an in-depth look at the science of Quantum Physicians in the spiritual realm. 


  • Promise for More
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Prophesy
  • Powerful Blood
  • Freemasonry
  • Battleground of the Mind
  • Battleground of the Heavenlies
  • Blessing the Spirit
  • Breaking Down the Stronghold of False Identities
  • The Invisible Battle: Hebrew/Greek Thought
  • The Glory of God: Quantum Physics - Part I
  • The Glory of God: Quantum Physics - Part II

Breaking Strongholds - Part IV

Breaking Strongholds will provide information regarding ministering to those affected by some of life’s most hurtful experiences. Areas of ministry will include: domestic violence, trauma, suicide awareness, sexual imprinting, sexual addiction, same sex attraction, and the affects of addiction cycle on the brain. 


  • Counseling Skills/Red Flags
  • Suicide Prevention - Being a Light in the Dark
  • Strengths Based Ministry - Part I
  • Strengths Based Ministry - Part 2
  • Freedom from Domestic Violence - Part 1
  • Freedom from Domestic Violence - Part 2
  • Sexual Imprinting
  • Healing from Sexual Addiction - Part 1
  • Healing from Sexual Addiction - Part 2
  • Understanding Gender Development - Part 1 (Females)
  • Understanding Gender Development - Part 2 (Males) 
  • The Effects of the Addiction Cycle on the Brain


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