Prayer - Your daily support in prayer is needed and goes a long way in helping us as we engage daily in spiritual warfare.

Giving - Our ministry operates solely off the donations from individuals and the support of local churches. Our goal is to provide professional biblical counseling and spiritual inner healing to any person or family in need. We are a community resource available to all. You can donate online or you can send donations to TM, P.O. Box 282, Chelsea, AL 35043. 

shipley fund

The Shipley Fund was established in honor and memory of Craig Shipley Beatty, Jr. This fund helps other young men and women with all types of life issues get the help they need. Fees associated with in-patient, out-patient or counseling services are funded based on financial need. As we honor the passing of this wonderful young man, his memory and story will continue on through the process of helping others. The Shipley Fund represents the kind heartedness and mercy Shipley so often displayed and will allow him to continue helping others even in his absence. Thank you for being a part of Shipley’s legacy.

To donate to the fund click below: