OUR Vision

Our long term vision is to build a family crisis center called the Healing House. This "Kingdom Center" concept will house many expert and focused ministries under one roof and  will be a place where people from all walks of life can come and receive God's healing touch for physical, spiritual and emotional needs. Where the boulders of life's experiences can be removed from their "river of life" and Abba Father can restore a new and fresh flow of peace & calm. But it's really more than that.  This will be a place where men, women and families can come to find healing and hope for themselves and their loved ones. It also will provide a long term discipleship program for men and women who need more structure or long for more training in dealing with life's negative experiences or traumas based on biblical solutions.


Wounded hearts cause strife in all areas of our life. We all have unresolved issues from our past that need to be healed. Often we just try to bury them, cover them with masks and forget about them. Unfortunately, we just bury them alive, and they still affect us, even years later. We lead families or individuals through a journey of discovery. Through a ministry of prayer and inner healing, the Holy Spirit helps to identify unresolved issues, and through gift of forgiveness and deliverance, we ask God to resolve these issues and bring healing to broken hearts and relationships. Having "peace like a river" can be attained in your life if you are willing to ask God for His help. Let us help you find that peace. 

Our Mission is to minister to hurting people and help them discover the unresolved issues in their life, and let God resolve them. We then provide resources to train and equip men and women to continue their walk with the Lord and enable them to reach their destiny in Kingdom of God. We do this through intensive prayer ministry, training in our School of Ministry, Healing House ministry and one on one biblical counseling.



Through our TM Biblical Counseling, our TM School of Ministry, and our RTF Prayer Ministry we provide an atmosphere where you can encounter God the Father and experience the "fullness" of the Holy Spirit.  We equip and empower you to use all the skills you have learned from our 3 part ministry in other life situations. 

Testimony videos

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