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  • Warren "Rock" Hobbs - Executive Director/Pastor

    Born in Philadelphia, attended Leigh University; Graduated from Southern Illinois University with a B.S. in Economics; Embry-Riddle University with a M.S. in Aero Space Science; Ordained in 2007; and certified in Elijah House Counseling. 

    He has 21 years experience as Lt.Col. in Air Force as a fighter pilot and 11 years flying for United Air Lines. With over 15 years of instructor pilot training, Rock brings a wealth of experience as a teacher and pastor. Rock and Vicki have been married for 28 years with four children. They attend Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama. For more information about Rock see Founder.

  • Jan is the Director of Operations for TM and also Rock's Executive Assistant. She received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Auburn University. Jan held various technical leadership positions at AT&T during her 36-year career. She has over 14 years’ experience as a Project Management Professional (PMP). Jan felt like God was calling her into full-time ministry and is thrilled to join Transformation Ministries. She brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the team as well as a trained heart for prayer ministry. She is a graduate from the TM School of Ministry and has completed Issue-Focused Ministry and Thorough-Format Ministry training from Restoring the Foundations.

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  • Patti loves being involved with ministering hope and healing to those who need Father God’s touch. Her passion is to see lives transformed by His grace and set free to walk in their God given identity! She attended Birmingham Theological Seminary (BTS) at night for two years while working with her Real Estate license in Property Management during the day. In May 1998 she received a Certificate of Biblical Counseling and was very involved in counseling at a large Birmingham church for several years. Working as a Property Manager for 16 years following her divorce, she then changed to her current career of 14 years as the Program Assistant for an Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) team for individuals diagnosed with a Severe Mental Illness (SMI). She is a certified graduate of Transformation Ministries’ School of Ministry as well as a Restoring The Foundations qualified minister in both the Issue Focused Ministry and Thorough Format Ministry. Patti is a member of Church of the Highlands.

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board members

Meet out Board Members! Here at Transformation Ministries we really appreciate their hard work and contributions to our organization. (Those not pictured are coming soon!) 

  • National Account Sales Executive within the Financial Services industry working for a Fortune 500 Company. His wife Bonnie is a successful Real Estate Professional with ReMax and they have lived in Birmingham for 20+ years. They have two grown children and two adorable granddaughters who live in Charlotte, NC. They attend Church of the Highlands Greystone Campus and are both active in small groups/ Bible Studies. Kelly also volunteers at Brother Bryan Mission downtown Birmingham and enjoys fishing, hunting and golf and making new friends. 


    Exec VP of Brice Building Company (retired) . Served over 38 years of construction industry experience. Currently, he is an independent consultant with Bayer Properties. Serves on the Board of Safe Harbor and is a member of the Birmingham Country Club and the Monday Morning Quarterback Club. Formerly, he was on the Junior Board of Young Professionals, mentoring students at Birmingham Southern College. He and his wife Susan attend Church of the Highlands.

  • President/Owner of HC Jackson Company . Custom home builder that has been in the building business for 21 years. University of Alabama graduate, he is married to wife Lydia and has one son Hunter. Hunter and Lydia are members of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.

  • charlie conaway

    Self-employed Contractor/IFM Prayer Minister/Transformation Ministries Student. Life-long resident of Birmingham, AL. Married Angela Smith Conaway in May 2017. Previously married (for 37 years) to Susan Black Conaway (deceased 2013). Father to Mackenzie (Free), Martin and Mary Brennan. Grandfather to four granddaughters Jolie, Charlie, Rylie, Finley(Free). Attended Mt. Brook High School (Class of 1971). 1984 - Graduated from Samford University with a Bachelors of General Studies. 1976-1995 - owned and operated several construction related companies in and around Birmingham, Alabama. 1995-2005 - General Manager of Barron Fan Technology, Inc. 2005-Present - self-employed contractor/craftsman/woodworker. 2015-2016 - Transformation School of Ministry receiving certification as a Restoring the Foundations IFM Prayer Minister. Member of the Council Ring for Alabama CFO (Camp Fartherest Out). Active member and small group participant/leader with Church of the Highlands. 

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  • Former owner / stylist of 3 salons and proprietor of The Ritz restaurant downtown. She also produced an evening radio talkshow for her late husband while residing in Pennsylvania. Of most interest to her now is finding minisitry work to enjoy with her husband, Bud Flora, in all its many forms and locations. Georgia’s church involvement has included being Education chair, 3 time VBS director, choir soloist, deacon, worship committee and mission council member and , most recently, Chair of Elders.

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  • Keith Russel Coming Soon

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  • Scott Price Coming Soon

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Our ministry partners

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  • hope's door

    Hopes Door, Inc was founded in 2014 by Liz Sherrell and her daughter, Michelle Sylestine. Their mission is to end the cycle of domestic violence and abuse through educating, counseling and empowering women, giving them hope through Christ. Hosea is their founding scripture, "transforming your valley of troubles into a door of hope." Liz and Michelle provide counsel and access to resources for women who are victims of abuse. They also provide training for those who want to know how best to respond to this devastating epidemic and how to support women and their families who are affected. Both are certified through Transformation Ministries and both are ordained ministers. Liz hold a Masters Degree in Christian counseling and has authored a book on the subject of domestic violence entitled "Do You See This Woman" available from their website. They are available for counsel, speaking, and training at 205-618 or 205-677-2360. or you may email them at

    Click here to go to Hope's Door. 

  • givon grace media

    transforming lives through creative media

    Givon Wayne Gilliam and Debra B. Gilliam truly enjoy encouraging and helping people reach for their highest and best potential. The most effective way to reach people with the Good News in today's world is through media. Let us help you start and finish whatever creative idea God has put in your heart. It is our privilege to serve along side of Rock Hobbs and Transformation Ministries. 


    Givon Wayne Gilliam

    Click here to Go To Givon Grace Media Page

  • mustard seed society, inc

    Glenn magargee lpc-sc, ncc

    Mustard Seed Society is a nonprofit organization created to provide interactive adventure-based therapeutic interventions. Our client population includes those who have been addicted, abused, wounded, and allowed to grow up without nurture or guidance. We are a faith-based organization offering hope to those who believe their life is hopeless.

    Contact info: 

    Click Here to Go To Mustard Seed Society Facebook Page

    3155 Cook Springs Road, Pell City, AL, 35125 Phone: (205) 913-0628



I’m a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel who spent more than 20 years flying fighter jets with more than 1900 hours of F-16 fighter time. I was also a pilot for United Airlines for eleven years. From “Top Gun” to flying 747’s out of Chicago over the North Pole to Hong Kong, I had success, friends, and wealth. If you had told me 20 years ago, that I would leave that all behind in obedience to God’s calling and vision, I would have told you that you were crazy. But here I am, living in Birmingham, Alabama, and heading a viable ministry called Transformation Ministries. 

And now the rest of the story….. 

I had it made. I was successful, making a lot of money and set to have a very substantial retirement. On the surface my life was right on track, and I had it together; a beautiful wife, four great children, a wonderful home and a great job. The problem was that under all that facade, I was deeply trapped in the snares of alcoholism. I was functional, but if I wasn’t working, I was looking for the next drink. 

Like so many people that I have ministered to over the years, everything in my life came to a screeching halt when my drinking finally caught up with me. And believe me, if you are involved with drugs or alcohol or any addiction for that matter, it will catch up to you, and you will lose everything if you don’t get free of its claws. 

Forced to go to a “rehab” to keep my job, I begrudgingly went to a 28-day program in the mountains of Colorado. It was there on day ten, while alone in my room, that God paid me a visit. He told me that He had never left me but rather I had left him. He said He loved me and that He would help me. He touched me and gave me a new heart. I’m really not sure how much time elapsed during this visit, but many things were revealed to me. I will never be the same, but the road ahead of me at that time would still be a long uphill battle for recovery in every aspect of my life. 

Over the next five years my battle with alcohol included daily AA meetings, active involvement with my church, and the rebuilding of relationships that I had so selfishly destroyed. The two most amazing things that God did for me during the early years of my recovery was to clearly define and teach me who He really was and discover his holy attributes in all aspects of my life. As He did this, I began the hard and often painful training on how to love my wife, Vicki, with a new found unconditional love. This is something I had no clue about. You see Vicki was ready for divorce and totally disgusted with me. But God through His infinite mercy anchored her to our home through her aging and ill mother, who had moved in the year prior. Over the next year there were words of distrust, bitterness and resentments that deeply hurt me every time I tried to do something right or nice for Vicki. She just wouldn’t accept anything I did or said. It took a year of giving love with no expectation of receiving anything before she finally began to let me back into her life. We have been married for over 30 years. The hope of that story is that God can and does restore relationships if you will let Him. 

Fast forward to August 2004. During the early morning hours in my study, God again spoke to me during my study time and asked if I would be willing to give up everything in response to His calling. My very spiritual response was “no." For the next month I pleaded daily with the Lord to let me stay in the airlines business and just be active in the church for Him. After about one month of “wrestling” with God over his calling, I finally submitted and sobbingly cried out, “Yes, Lord, I will do anything you ask of me.” As soon as I spoke those words, I felt the Lord whisper to me, “Good, then get ready to quit your job, sell your house and move.” I said, “Move to where”?"The response was just get ready. Well, a few days later while in a time of prayer, God gave me a vision for a ranch for teens that would be a place where He would inhabit the land and heal the sick. It would be a place where teens trapped in the darkness of drugs, alcohol and rebellious behaviors could find the healing love of God’s touch just as He had touched me those years before; a place where equestrian and canine therapies could be used to reach the angry hearts of hurting young people; a place where the Holy Spirit could move with freedom to release the captive souls of so many blinded teens. This would be not only a place where deliverance from drugs could occur, but also where adolescents could be trained to be ambassadors for Christ. 

Vicki and I arrived in Birmingham, Alabama, in May of 2005 with only a vision of building a ranch for teens and knowing only my mother, my wonderful brother Steve and his wife Karol and a great pastor, Chris Hodges of Church of the Highlands. We were introduced to Safe Harbor in August of 2005, and after some time of sharing visions, we were asked to take the reins of Safe Harbor and build the ranch with them. Safe Harbor’s Refuge programs were blessed by the Lord and was designed to come alongside parents and families who are struggling with teens who were making poor life choices. We loved the mission and all the volunteers involved with the program so we accepted. Over the years hundreds of families have been helped by the ministries of Safe Harbor. 

In 2009, Vicki and I felt the Lord tugging on our hearts to get more focused on the vision for the ranch, which resulted in the birthing of a new ministry called Transformation Ministries (TM). As part of this ministry we hope to build a ranch for teens call Transformation Ranch Ministry (T.R.M.). With a heavy heart and in obedience to God’s calling, I stepped down from my director position at Safe Harbor and went full time into Transformation Ministries. 

Our ministry of biblical counseling and inner healing has touched the lives of hundreds of people. Marriages and families have been restored through the power of God's Grace. After seven years of work and development, we currently have about 150 volunteers on our Vision Team. We have developed a 48-week, four part comprehensive School of Ministry where lay people are trained to minister boldly to the body of Christ. Our prayer ministry training has become a focal point of growth for TM, and we have both day and night classes to meet the needs of local churches. 

Over the past 10 years the vision for the ranch for teens is still on our hearts but is not yet in God's timing. But what God has begun for us is a new vision for a Healing House. A place where people from all around our city, state and country can come to receive the healing truth of the gospel of salvation as displayed through the power of God in signs and wonders of God's glory.  We are training and equipping an army of prayer ministers who will be able to minister with power and authority the healing touch of Jesus to the sick and the oppressed. We also want to help veterans  returning home from the war zones or that have been in previous conflicts  that struggle with PTSD and other systemic conditions.  We have a retreat center, called "The Mill" to help both men and women struggling with PTSD and/or addiction issues in a safe environment that is geared to help both them and their families. 

So there you have it, the rest of the story. We are seeking God for the resources to bring this vision to fruition. If you or somebody you know wants to get involved with this “kingdom project,” please contact me, Rock Hobbs, at 205-470-3830 or by email at Be blessed and catch the vision,