Are your programs and services for the substance abuser or the families? 

Answer: Both. We provide counseling for not only the abuser but also for family members through one on one counseling and family support groups. 

Can you provide legal assistance if my loved one is in trouble? 

Answer: No, but we can refer you to legal counsel and we offer support groups that have other parents attending that have had similar situations. 

What if our family issues are not related to substance abuse? Can you still help us? 

Answer: Absolutely. We have biblical counseling and prayer ministry available for any family issues that may be a problem. 

What is prayer ministry and inner healing? 

Answer: It is a one on one ministry that assists people in discovering the roots of their brokenness and helps them find the Grace of God to bring resolution.

If you have a question for us, email rock@trministries.org and we will get you an answer.